Pre 1980's

Pre 1980’s

Bowling has been enjoyed in Measham since the late 1920’s when a bowling green was established on the Recreation Ground site.

The Club that we know today originated at the end of 1959 when the new turf was laid by the colliery welfare association (CISWO).  This charitable organisation purchased land for sporting activities and laid a green for flat green bowling.

The club was called Measham Social Welfare Club and the first full season of bowling took place in 1960 with just the green and a small wooden pavilion.  Tea facilities and a meeting room were provided by nearby working men’s clubs in Measham.

The following year 1961 a new Measham Social Welfare Club was built on the site and opened by Mr. Joe Gormley, the then president of the Mineworkers Union.  The site quickly became the social and sporting centre of the village and the bowls club used the Welfare Club for teas, meetings and toilet facilities.